“Pavel Solovyov’s Forest” exhibition opens in Perm

On June 1 an unusual impression-exhibition “Pavel Solovyov’s Forest” opened in Perm gallery “Maris-Art”. The exhibition was initiated by JSC UEC-Perm Engines.   


The exposition accommodates the results of works by Perm artists made during a plein-air session in the summer houses earlier owned by UEC-PE in Gorbunovo village, Perm region. It is the place where General designer Pavel Solovyov liked to spend time with his family, promenaded, mediated, created… 

The exposition displays the paintings by Maksim Titov, Tatyana Necheukhina, Dmitrii Permyakov, Maksim Nurulin, Olga Peshkova, metal sculptures and stained glass artworks by  Rustam Ismagilov, photos from Pavel Solovyov’s family archive. At the heart of the exposition there is the designer’s portrait made by the student of Perm Academy of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture, Lyudmila Teploukhova.   

According to the artists, it is not that often that they go out sketching. That plein-air outing was not only a chance to exercise one’s skills in live painting but to investigate the history of Perm engine-building through the life and fate of designer Pavel Solovyov, to learn how bypass aero engine was developed.  

Director of “Maris-Art” gallery Natyana Permyakova characterized this express project as “takeoff and landing”: given the rate at which the exhibition has been prepared – a 6-hour plein-air, 1.2 week of follow-up painting and two days for creation of the exposition.   


Sergei Popov, Managing Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines:


- On June 26 is the 100th anniversary of birth of remarkable designer Pavel Solovyov.

This exhibition is one of the fragments of a huge program prepared by UEC-Perm Engines  and UEC-Aviadvigatel. Pavel Aleksandrovich designed a number of engines which launched to the sky such aircraft as Tu-124, Tu-134, Il-76, Il-96, Tu-204, legendary MiG-31…

Solovyov’s engines are still breadwinners of Perm and Rybinsk works. This exhibition unveils the other side of the great designer’s life. In the summer house in Gorbunovo he had rest, promenaded, just breathed…

It turned out to be a wonderful exposition which inspires the warmest feelings.  


Olga Startseva, art expert:


-  Company’s summer house was a necessary “luxury” owed to the man of such a rank. And that of Pavel Solovyov was just a plain wooden house surrounded by the forest. It was a place of peace, recreation and some kind of protection zone.    

The exhibition turned out to be interesting and in many ways - surprising.  

Despite the same painting technique (oil-painting)  and realistic approach applied by all plein-air participants, their works appeared to be so unlike as if made in different seasons, different time of the day and weather: now it’s modest autumn, now – August, now – wind, now- calm air, now daylight, now – pre-sunset glow. It all gives an impression of different places.