General Information about Maintenance System

 Aftermarket support of aero engines and gas turbines for gas compressor packages and gas turbine gensets made and overhauled by Perm Engine Company is conducted by the Customer Support Department of Perm Engine Company and Motorservice-PM that is involved in maintenance of Perm Motors Group companies' aviation products in Moscow region. Establishment of regional Customer Support Centers is planned.

Technical support of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines in service includes:

  • aftermarket warranty service;
  • in-service technical support of the PS-90A turbofan engine and modifications thereof under sustained operability agreements;
  • service support under agreements with airlines, divisions of Gazprom, oil and power producers and so on;
  • life extension services;
  • implementation of technical improvements and upgrades, and introduction of new inspection methods;
  • operator personnel training and certification in aero engine and gas turbine design, NDT, replacement of modules, parts, accessories, etc.